Announced at E3 2020, the game strives to breathe life into a dying genre

Bring a mop and bucket for this bloody spectacle

Just before E3 kicks off, it’s time to get real about the uncertain future of Halo

PSX era horror is back with an unforgettable vengeance

Can Capcom reach a bar that has already been set so high?

Exploring the making & meaning of Kendrick Lamar’s dazzling, unforgettable and politically charged masterpiece.

Kendrick Lamar in the music video for Alright

An abandoned space station full of murderous androids and flesh-eating aliens (or: a luxurious getaway for the whole family!)

An agonisingly stunning glance at a deeply flawed romance

The tiny dystopian freakshow has returned to terrify us once again…

Remembering the greatest supervillain in music…

Anthony Wright

Self-proclaimed connoisseur of anything you can view on a screen. Procrastination is my speciality. I brag about my music taste way too much.

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