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Self-proclaimed connoisseur of anything you can view on a screen. Also super into horror stuff if you couldn’t tell already...

Can Capcom reach a bar that has already been set so high?

Exploring the making & meaning of Kendrick Lamar’s dazzling, unforgettable and politically charged masterpiece.

Kendrick Lamar in the music video for Alright

An abandoned space station full of murderous androids and flesh-eating aliens (or: a luxurious getaway for the whole family!)

An agonisingly stunning glance at a deeply flawed romance

The tiny dystopian freakshow has returned to terrify us once again…

Remembering the greatest supervillain in music…

A celebration of Sam Esmail’s masterpiece

“Hello, friend.”

The scariest game that you’ll never play

An agonizing, maniacal descent into an anxiety-ridden nightmare

Was the decade long wait worth it?

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