With a remake on the way, it’s important to remember what made Dead Space so special

The original Dead Space has aged like fine wine…or a pool of blood depending on how much you remember from it. For a game that explained to the player to “cut off their limbs”, it certainly didn’t disappoint in the gore department. Stomping around the haunted halls of the USG Ishimura in his metal boots, Isaac Clarke managed to rack up quite the kill count. Armed with his iconic plasma cutter, Isaac would blast his way through hordes of the undead on his journey to escape that damned ship.

Isaac had to suffer through an entire trilogy of gut-spilling terror…

Dietzribi make their wonderful debut with the tiny puzzle/platformer hybrid that packs a big punch

In April 2018, an annual game-jam event known as Ludum Dare hosted their 41st competition for upcoming indie developers to show off their creations made within 72 hours. The running theme for this event was to mix together “two incompatible genres”. A small team of two brothers decided to combine their efforts to create a game consisting of a 2-D platformer merged with a 3-D puzzle game. They named it “Toodee and Topdee” and they finished 15th in the overall competition.

Three years later and what started as a basic Flash game has now transformed into a fully-fledged debut for…

Announced at E3 2020, the game strives to breathe life into a dying genre

If the Thief series taught me anything at a young age, it’s that darkness is my closest and most trusted ally. Yet here I am, a somewhat full-grown adult that still darts away whenever I switch off a light in my house. Okay, that was a bit of an over-exaggeration but the point still stands.

Thief managed to weaponise darkness for the player to utilise, allowing you to tip-toe around the foul-mouthed guards with perfectly timed shadows and snuffed candles. …

Bring a mop and bucket for this bloody spectacle

What do you get when you combine 64 battle-hardened players with an endless supply of medieval weaponry? Blood. Lots of blood.

Chivalry 2 is the latest game to deliver on the promise of total multiplayer carnage, dropping players onto the war-torn battlefields of the Middle Ages that soon become flooded with copious amounts of arterial spray and missing limbs. With a dismembered leg here and a decapitated head there, it’s easy to get lost in the waves of bloody mayhem that Chivalry 2 offers and I must say that it is one hell of an experience.

Chivalry 2 delivers the…

Just before E3 kicks off, it’s time to get real about the uncertain future of Halo

Halo changed my life. I know it seems cliche and it may even sound a little cheesy but it is absolutely true. Halo 3 was the first game to introduce me to the fact that games could be so much more than just a fun distraction, with its classic tale of heroism and its unforgettable cast of characters. Bungie not only dominated my childhood but instead managed to dominate the entire world with Halo 3 when it was released. …

PSX era horror is back with an unforgettable vengeance

For any reader fortunate enough to not know me, I’m one of those pesky “Zoomers” you see causing trouble in the news regularly. You know… the sleep-deprived generation of humans who manage to have an existential crisis every week (me included). Since I belong to this so-called “Generation Z”, I managed to miss the “golden age” of Survival-Horror in the gaming industry, a time when titans such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill introduced themselves to terrify the world with their manual saves and disturbing lack of polygons.

Can Capcom reach a bar that has already been set so high?

It is no secret now that Resident Evil: Village has captured the entire industry’s attention. Picture me waking up to thousands of horny Twitter users collectively expressing their attraction towards a 10-foot tall vampire, Lady Dimitrescu, who is one of the many twisted antagonists for players to face in Village. Hilarious memes aside, Village is so far proving to be an extremely exciting and ambitious entry in the long-running Resident Evil franchise.

Resident Evil 7 managed to revive my interest in the series ever since its surprise announcement in 2016, switching to a first-person perspective and focusing on the slow-paced…

Exploring the making & meaning of Kendrick Lamar’s dazzling, unforgettable and politically charged masterpiece.

Kendrick Lamar in the music video for Alright

May 25th, 2020. It took an agonising 8 minutes and 46 seconds of torture before George Perry Floyd Jr. was murdered by Derek Chauvin, a police officer supposedly acting to “serve and protect”. His unnecessary death spawned protests and riots that would shake the globe, screaming a painfully clear and obvious message that people were beyond sick and tired of black lives being wasted at the hands of the police.

A week later on June 6th and hundreds of protestors began to gather on Black Lives Matter Plaza, a two-block section within Washington D.C. that was renamed amid the BLM…

An abandoned space station full of murderous androids and flesh-eating aliens (or: a luxurious getaway for the whole family!)

In space no one can hear you scream…no one except for my neighbours, hearing me squeal and whimper as I trudge through Sevastopol Station, again and again, year after year. Picture me sitting in a pitch-black room at 3 AM, the sudden chill of a fan blowing past me, going through the same halls and vents that I’ve been through countless times before. No matter how many times I replay Alien: Isolation, it never ceases to capture the horror fanatic within me.

If you haven’t watched Ridley Scott’s 1979 Horror masterpiece, Alien, go away and watch it. Alien was groundbreaking…

An agonisingly stunning glance at a deeply flawed romance

An aspiring director on the edge of becoming famous and his girlfriend return home from the screening of his phenomenally well-received directorial debut. The cheerful, drunken mood soon turns sour as they both begin to realise that their relationship that they hold so dear is extremely flawed.

Written and directed by Sam Levinson and starring John David Washington from the mind-bending film Tenet and Zendaya, hot off of HBO’s drug-fuelled Euphoria, Malcolm & Marie highlights scenes of terrifyingly unfiltered rage and the bitter silence that follows. Filmed entirely under the COVID pandemic, the film follows two characters in a single…

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